Empire (1964)

A single shot of the Empire State Building from early evening until nearly 3 am the next day.

few visible scars

OK people.. before I face this.. what do you consider to be the rules for claiming a valid tick…

- I must be sat down, eyes on the screen all the time, pausing play to go to the toilet, put the kettle on etc

- Popping out to the toilet, cup of tea etc is acceptable. I mean, come on, if it was screened at some art venue, you aren't allowed out??? That raises some deeply unpleasant thoughts.

- Have it playing in the background whilst you get on with your life at home.. This includes cooking /eating / washing up, listening to the radio, reading the paper, maybe even watching another film with frequent looks at Empire.

- put it on, go shopping, have a sleep, go on holiday

Do I gather that the link here is NOT valid?

- and finaly.. is watching it at FF speed acceptable?

5 years ago


I have my theory, I'm not saying this is "too deep for common-folk", but I just think the intention of this movie is not being "fully watched"

If you watched this movie completely, staring on the screen without blinking, you missed what I think to be the whole point. And sorry to say, I think you are pretty much a strange person.
If you were in the same landscape as Warhol had been when he filmed this movie, you wouldn't look at the Empire State Building for 8 hours.
Now, imagine you are the one that lives in a place with a privileged view to the ESB; you wouldn't need to watch the building all the time to realize it is there, because in between your daily life, you would cross with that view, a possibly unconsciously admire it. The same effect a landscape has on the individual, could be applied to this experiment by Warhol, you don't need to watch it all the time to realize the movie is there, you don't need to have your eyes fixed on the screen to be certain you haven't "lost" any detail, you just need to be certain that the movie is being there.

Movies like this are useful for the viewer to question what the verb "to watch" could mean when comes to movies. How long your eye can take looking at the same picture? (even tho it is a moving picture). And how long it takes for you to get boring of something majestic and potent as the ESB?

Like @45MinuteZoom mentioned, the best way to watch is to see the original in the museum, but the museum isn't even opened for as long as the movie plays.
An ideal experience would be to have the movie, put it on your screen, and leaving it playing as you live your daily life, from time to time, you would realize the movie is playing, and watch it for some moments.

Relieve yourself from the dogmas of "watching it intensively".

4 years ago


Possibly the best film of all time. I mean, Jesus, that's a staggeringly great performance by the main character.

10 years ago

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