Castro Street (1966)

Inspired by a lesson from Erik Satie, a film in the form of a street: Castro Street, running by the Standard Oil Refinery in Richmond, California.


I don't understand all the hate on this one. I tought it was mesmerizing. I don't think someone have to fully understand a project like this one or even get something especially substantial from it to appreciate it. It's not supposed to be a story with a moral at the end or something like that. It's an exercise in style! Of course you can dislike it… but come on! abstractness can't possibly be compared to the more conventional to be appreciated. (sorry for my english)

7 years ago

It starts at 37:04. This video is only about 10,000x better quality than the first video that pops up from a search. Some of the images are quite beautiful.

4 years ago


So…this is an experimental 16mm film. It's hard to understand/appreciate it when viewing a 480x320 compressed transfer of it.

It's use of superimposition and layering was actually really new and important for the time. A lot of what you see today on TV was influenced by people like Ballie, Brakhage and other important experimental filmmakers of the time.

Don't just check movies for the check. You check movies because you like movies right? Then watch them properly and enjoy them for the sake of enjoying them.

7 years ago

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