They would not get away with re-making this movie today. Interesting how our culture’s thoughts about a strange man alone with a woman in a train car vs a man alone with a 12-year-old girl in a train car have changed so much. (I feel nowadays the reactions may have been opposite.)

That being said, I found it to be a very fun and entertaining watch.

2 years ago

Camille Deadpan

Ray Milland always excels in rom-coms.

3 years ago


The Major and the Minor has quite the dangerous premise. To get on a train at half-price because she's struggling financially, Ginger Rogers dresses up as a 12-year-old, where she's chased by a conductor into the cabin of a military officer (Ray Miland) who takes pity on her. Others may be suspicious, but never him, and the movie is pretty adept at making sure there's no real Lolita situation despite her attraction to him. So it's on Ginger to carry much of the comedy, and as I've stated before, I think she can be very funny. Having to stay a few days at a military academy waiting for a drive as all the teenage boys try to swoop in and kiss the new girl is about as good as it gets in that department. Since it's teens doing it, the material feels less dated, though of course, grown men act like this in movies from this period. It all makes for a sweet romcom with a screwball premise and a lot of fun dialog, and it's a chance for Rogers to show a certain range. I was afraid it would feel icky, but it was too charming for that.

2 weeks ago

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