Love in the Afternoon (1957)

Lovestruck conservatory student Ariane pretends to be just as much a cosmopolitan lover as the worldly mature Frank Flannagan hoping that l’amour will take hold.



And yet a 28 year age difference is merely average for a Hepburn movie!

Sabrina (1954)
Humphrey Bogart 55 / Audrey Hepburn 25
Age Difference: 30.

Funny Face (1957)
Fred Astaire 58 / Audrey Hepburn 28
Age Difference: 30.

Love in the Afternoon (1957)
Gary Cooper 56 / Audrey Hepburn 28.
Age difference: 28.

Charade (1963)
Cary Grant 59 / Audrey Hepburn 34
Age Difference: 25.

My Fair Lady (1964)
Rex Harrison 56 / Audrey Hepburn 35
Age Difference: 21.

4 years ago


Billy Wilder's Love in the Afternoon works as a young woman's fantasy about an older man, with Audrey Hepburn very sweetly creating a false identity for herself so she can be an enigmatic and alluring match for Gary Cooper's millionaire playboy. Unfortunately, Cooper, only in his 50s but somehow looking older, looks uncomfortable with the affair, and Hepburn is such a sophisticate, his folksy manner jibes with neither this romance or all the others he's said to have had. He's miscast, pure and simple, and we could perhaps accept the young woman's infatuation as a kind of projection on her part if the film weren't moving inexorably towards a romcom resolution. That's just the way of these things. Maybe it should cut off before the last minute. Nevertheless, Wilder has some fun with the opening narration and creates many lovely moments between Hepburn and other characters (like her father played by Maurice Chevalier). An ultimately flawed piece, but as a leisurely, undemanding watch on a Sunday afternoon, you could do worse.

a year ago


You know, even though Cooper is clearly old enough to be Audrey's father, this film is fantastic. Not one of the top tier Wilder films, but still good. Fantastic ending.

8 years ago

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