La mariée était en noir (1968)

a.k.a The Bride Wore Black

Julie Kohler is prevented from suicide by her mother. She leaves the town. She will track down, charm and kill five men who do not know her. What is her goal ? What is her purpose?


What a treasure this is, Truffaut was a master storyteller. The tone of this film is just absolutely spot-on, oscillating between this weird deadpan humour, suspense and 50's style melodrama. I enjoyed every second.

4 years ago


If i didn't know François Truffaut , i would say that this is a Hitchcock film !!

7 years ago


A kind of ancient version of "Kill Bill" that is a fantastic 60's movie about a woman who wants to revenge the death of her "short-time" husband. A great "neo-noir" movie…

9 years ago

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