Born on the Fourth of July (1989)

The biography of Ron Kovic. Paralyzed in the Vietnam war, he becomes an anti-war and pro-human rights political activist after feeling betrayed by the country he fought for.


Excellent. Cruise was exceptional. No scene over stayed it's welcome… Felt like it could have been even longer.

2 years ago


very nice biography.

7 years ago


Born on the Fourth of July is an Oliver Stone movie perhaps more geared towards those who don't like Oliver Stone movies (like myself). It has all of his usual preachy elements, but they're much more toned down here than in any of his subsequent movies (that I've seen).

Tom Cruise is, as usual, not a bad actor at all. It really shows that his earliest roles weren't all Mission: Implossibles and The Mummys. He was a legitimate actor for a while, and one could say that he's quite a good one. He actually puts some of the actors around him here to shame. Caroline Kava, the actress who portrays his bible-thumping catholic mother, appears somewhat amateur in comparison. Never upstaged, though, is Willem Dafoe. He forges what is perhaps the film's most memorable character in very few scenes, but I suppose I almost expect that from Dafoe at this point. The war scenes themselves are different from those I've seen in any other Vietnam movie. They have an exclusively warm colour palette, but feel very cold and uninviting nevertheless. No matter how I feel about his attitudes and writing in general, Stone is certainly capable of greatness.

But, he consistently falls prey to the same negative tendencies. While there are some breathtakingly powerful scenes here, there are also some that could feel much more natural if Stone didn't stick his oppressive morals in there. Yeah, I get it, you don't like the catholic church. I appreciate a filmmaker that weaves subtle themes into a narrative, not so much one that assaults you with how they want you to feel about X or Y. Not to mention the ham-handed foreshadowing. Yeah, I get it, he's raised in an innocent, patriotic time and he's going to become jaded. You don't need to spell it out for me.

Other than that, Born also doesn't separate itself enough from better Vietnam movies to really stand out. Not much of the ground trodden here hasn't been done better by Cimino, Coppola or Kubrick, and in a style that's generally more interesting. In that sense, I think I like JFK more even though I enjoyed it less. It imprinted on me more than Born did, and I watched Born two days ago. But, it's still a decent movie. It's an all-together OK experience, with some really great scenes, and not a whole lot else.

a year ago

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