An absolutely amazing film. It's gripping from the very beginning, with phenomenal acting, a watertight script, and a great dual-narrative structure that drives the story along to a riveting conclusion. The long take of the football stadium has to be one of my favourite shots ever, just thinking of the logistics in play there is staggering. It's also the true climax of the film in my opinion, because while what comes after it is also very powerful, the rest of the movie is more of a slow burn drama while that scene is pure explosiveness.

The love story that runs parallel to the murder investigation is kind of standard, but because it's surrounded by such an extraordinary and gripping mystery, and is between two very well-developed characters, that is easily forgiven. The whole time I thought the movie was leading to an artificial twist, but as it turns out the ending is much, much better and more nuanced than that. The Secret In Their Eyes is basically perfect for what it is, and should be mandatory viewing for anyone even remotely interested in not just Argentinian cinema but cinema in general.

7 years ago


Marvelous movie! Intense, eventful, shocking, grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. The acting was subtly expressive and the script was riveting. I'll be thinking of this one for a long time. Outstanding!

6 years ago


Subtle, intense, gripping. This is definitely one of the finest movies I've ever seen. It just flows effortlessly. The camera-work is flawless. Lots of great scenes - some intense, some breath-taking, some profound. Very few movies do, but IMO this movie has it all - script, acting, cinematography, dialogue, pace, music score. Must see for anyone who likes fine cinema!

6 years ago

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