Do we really need another Michael Cera?

7 years ago


I don't really like zombie movies but this one is okay. I'm not jumping to see the sequel, but it's a good movie if you're bored. Funny, a bit gory and entertaining. Good action scenes! Woody Harrelson is awesome and

6 years ago


Zombieland is a fine little zombie comedy that's entirely more clever than something like this really has any right to be. It doesn't overstress the jokes, doesn't condescend to the audience, and balances character and zombie-killing gags. Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg are well contrasted, which is what you need for a fun buddy movie team, with Emma "Can Do No Wrong" Stone as romantic interest and foil. She kicks ass too. It's interesting that this was originally supposed to be a television pilot, because yeah, these are characters I could have followed week to week. But was TV really ready for something like this? I know better than to ask for a sequel to ANYTHING, but definitely a world and characters that could be followed up on, and in no way am I a zombie fan.

4 years ago

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