Faust: Eine deutsche Volkssage (1926)

a.k.a Faust

God and Satan war over earth; to settle things, they wager on the soul of Faust, a learned and prayerful alchemist.


I liked it a lot, but the love-dovey chasing-around stuff in the middle drags on too much.

7 years ago


What a visual delight. Just watched this for a second time. Still blown away by the visuals. And the story-telling is there, too. The cinematography and special effects are so damn beautiful. Why is it so incredibly beautiful? It's too darn beautiful. Why did Murnau die? Shouldn't he sign a pact with the devil and get a second youth? How can a piece of film be this beautiful? It's so pretty. A feast to the eye, a pleasurable sight.

8 years ago


It's beautiful. Like a painting. Every shot is amazing. The part in the middle might drag a bit, but it's so worth it and so good regardless.

5 years ago

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