Entertaining and stylish romp, even overcoming a somewhat thin script (not that a "horror superhero movie" needs much density).

6 years ago


This movie just gave "blood bath" a whole new meaning.

8 years ago


Actually really good, and a massive improvement over the original. Del Toro takes the formula of the first movie and drastically reworks it, adding his trademark stylistic flourishes and immediately identifiable, awesomely gruesome creature design, whilst mercifully removing the goofy humour and much of the inane expository dialogue. Unfortunately he also asks just a little too much of the CGI of the time, as it's very noticeable when fight scenes shift from real to computer generated, and many of the other effects look rather less than seamless as well. This is easily forgiven however when you realise that you're watching a vampiric Ron Perlman and a tech-savy stoner Daryl (sadly sans crossbow) kicking ass.

I enjoyed the hell out of this, and you can add it to the list of sequels that comfortably surpass their predecessors, IMDb scores be damned.

5 years ago

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