A deeply bizarre Japanese cult horror that seems way ahead of its time - the unsettlingly fast editing, excellent B&W cinematography and stop motion trickery all add to the strangeness of a man gradually turning into a machine. Close attention is required to follow what there is of a plot as it unfolds gradually while bombarding the viewer with extraordinary imagery that can only be likened to an art house mash-up of early David Lynch, J-Horror, Sam Raimi and Otomo's Akira. Absolutely unique and extremely well done.

6 years ago


A film that redefines weird completely bizarre and insane even by the standards of much of Japanese cinema. Meaning that in the end I was left perhaps to bemused and confused to find it scary though.

Strangely entertaining though.

6 years ago


An extremely weird mess of images, special effects and ideas meshed together in monochrome black and white on an obviously low budget. Sometimes interesting in the search for truth or meaning in the cryptic and surreal images, but more often tedious as the images blink rapidly and shift with no detectable rhyme or reason. The effect is that of particpating in a nightmare - which unfortunatly turns out to be more bad than good - but the director deserves some credit for trying something bold and original.

4 years ago

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