I preferred all the initial futuristic trains, medical scenes and Western parts, to the ending 30 - 40 minutes. There are a lot of parallels with Crichton's Jurassic Park.

3 years ago


Hasn't aged very well. The concept works well, but Crichton nailed it a lot better with Jurassic Park. And the movie spends far too much time on the setup - I know this is supposed to play out like the ol' west, but having every possible western cliché thrown at you doesn't make it any better.
Still, Yul Brynner is chilling as the bad guy, and the final half hour or so makes up for a lot of the first hour's shortcomings.

6 years ago


It's tone switches so often, it's actually a surprise that it works as well as it does, in a Cabin in the Woods kind of way. It's really City Slickers with a rampaging killer robot that looks just like Yul Brynner. The first half is comedy western set against a science fiction premise (treated in cutaways that could have come out of the Forbin Project or Andromeda Strain), and it's the best part. It's fun and rather sells you on the idea that this "Dream Park" stuff would be cool in real life. In the second half, as things turn sour, there are some longueurs. One cowboy tracking another is something we've seen in countless other films (though the tracker has rarely been robotic), and that's where it gets a little dull. But the characters soon find themselves running through Roman World and Medieval World, and things gets loopy, strange and fun again.

4 years ago

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