This is undoubtely one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen and by far the best Pixar movie. I believe it will be really hard to overcome such an achievement.

Everything works just perfectly. It's a movie that draws you in from the very beginning to the end with very few lines and speeches. The physical expressions in the characters are sublime and couldn't be better. Even the most slobbery scenes are fascinating. It's beautiful to see how age seems to give wisdom to the robots.

Been a movie made by americans it's really surprising to see the amazing critics to the american way of life, its effect in our beloved planet and how we are affected by ourselves.

Some things are worthy of attention like how the humans start to relearn life when they stop to look around and the obvious homages to 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Trek, Star Wars, E.T., Close Encounters… and last, but not least, Charles Chaplin. Wall-E is, in everything he does, Chaplin in space. From the loneliness, to the interest in human kind, the clumsy way, the sad eyes, the issues with authorities. But don't think it's plagiarism. Actually it is a beautiful tribute to the romantic comedies from mute cinema.

The space ballet scene is truly remarkable and worthy of kudos for being one of the most beautiful scenes in modern animation history along with Aladdin's Whole New World and the Lady and the Tramp's spaghetti. The ending credits also are part of Pixar's lust for details: how it goes along from the rock and egyptian paintings from the beginning of civilization to 8 bit graphics. Genius.

But what most amazes me is Pixar's quest to improve not only the technics and graphics but also the narrative. Today, Pixar really is the most passionated Hollywood studio. "Characters with child appeals, but grown ups issues", as wrote David A. Price in the book The Pixar Touch.

Absolutely deserved the 2009 Academy Award for best Animated Feature and surprises me for not being nominated for Best Picture.

10/10 (If I could give more, I would)

10 years ago


I watched Wall-E without knowing what the plot was. I was pleasantly surprised. Beautiful film.

6 years ago


so cute! We really should take better care of our planet

7 years ago

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