You know what? I like Michael Moore by and large. He is guilty of sins of omission and distortion, yet many of his central points remain unimpeachable. Under the ideological principles of transparency, visibility and unity, Moore comes closer than any other mainstream documentary filmmaker to making a coherent political argument. If you disagree with that, you might agree his work is at least passionate, humorous, and alive. This was a superb film. That scene with Marilyn Manson was, and I use this word very carefully, so right.

11 years ago


Great message. I agree 100% with Chris Rock. If the cost of a single bullet was $5,000, I suspect we would have fewer deaths due to handguns.

9 years ago


An excellent documentary.

The "What A Wonderful World" montage is extremely uncomfortable viewing and highlights so much of the hypocrisy of the American government. I love that Moore is able to make these considered political arguments whilst still being delightfully witty.

Also, that interview with Marilyn Manson is the perfect way to combat the "violent music leads to violence" argument. Manson's obvious intelligence comes through very strongly.

10 years ago

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