Little Red Riding Rabbit (1944)

Bugs, the Wolf and bobby-soxer Red chase each other around while Grandma is off working at Lockheed aircraft.


The greatness of them comes from the quality of the animation. They are composed of individual drawings, compiled to make the kind of cartoons you simply can't find anywhere anymore. Compare their smooth, fluid movement, the "squash and stretch" technique to today's flash-heavy television offerings or the cinema's all 3D animation. Even what little 2D cartoons are left are pretty dull compared to anything done in the golden age of animation by Chuck Jones and ole' Walt.

But I guess since it's animals socking each other with mallets and falling over cliffs and the like I can understand how it could be pretty hard to glean all that.

6 years ago

Joker of Gotham

This was funny

6 years ago

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