Sorkin spellbinds again with this human look at a tumultuous time, and does a throwback to his early days of "A Few Good Men" with this courtroom drama. An absolutely amazing cast, with great performances, and Sorkin's writing keeps you glued to the film. Perfect pacing, wonderful messages that, yes, are just (it not more) as relevant today.

5 stars

a week ago


I like the feeling of watching an instant classic. Not very often you get to experience that.
Haven't seen credits like that since the 90s though. Were missing only the "and introducing x as y" part.

a week ago


Whether you like this courtroom drama or not, you have to acknowledge the virtuosity in Aaron Sorkin's writing & directing. Thanks to high-paced editing and a variety in shots, the almost permanent waves of dialogue from many figures stay entertaining even to a broad audience, with sometimes thrilling rhetoric showdowns.
I appreciate how Sorkin seems to be able to turn any subject into digestible 2-hour entertainment, be it 1968 protests, weird poker criminal cases or the absurdlly contemporary Facebook biography. Not many have that gift.

The amount of known faces in the cast is astonishing. I can't believe how corny the final minutes were, though. Bad choice of music there. Ugh.

2 weeks ago

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