Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

A quartet of mutated humanoid turtles clash with an uprising criminal gang of ninjas


Not that it is the best movie ever, but I think that this film is somewhat underrated: it handles multiple characters (protagonists, villains, etc.) very well; it creates a wonderfully dark yet visually pleasing environment; it mixes action and comedy while also having a descent story; and most importantly, it is fun and entertaining. A great childhood favorite that made do with a fairly modest budget. Too bad the sequels were so terrible.

11 years ago


The costumes are really, really good. Cheers to the Henson Company

9 years ago


Holds up very well more than 25 years later. For one thing, Jim Henson's Turtles (and rat) look better than what I've seen of Michael Bay's CG horrors! And the Golden Harvest connection seems to insure the martial arts are also pretty legit! The story is pretty simple, with Shredder acting like a cross between Ra's al Ghul and Fagin, but juggles very well a large cast of characters (okay, Raphael gets more to do than the other Turtles, but to me that's a feature not a bug), and is thematically consistent (families, both actual and those we make for ourselves). Some of the jokes fall flat, of course, the fashions and music date the film badly, and Shredder's giant helmet is pretty stupid, but overall, TMNT is a fun all-ages action flick.

5 years ago

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