I see people not getting this movie in the comments. The point isn't to view this as a regular movie. It is truly an experience. The goal is to put you in the main character's head. Question his sanity and therefore you start to question everything and everybody just like he does and at the end you feel just like Douglas does. It's a movie that makes you apart of it in a way that I have never felt before. You can criticize how unrealistic a lot of it is but you're missing the point entirely…

4 years ago


I don't mind it when films are unrealistic, as long as the unrealism "fits." The preposterous ending of The Game, as entertaining as it was, did not fit.

8 years ago


Another great movie by David Fincher.
Really enjoyed it: It's thrilling, surprising… with lots of twists, a nice pace and a menacing atmosphere.

Wonderful acting by Michael Douglas and Sean Penn!

5 years ago

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