Russel Crowe’s performance is really the only notable thing about this movie.

The plot is a mess, with subplots being introduced and immediately being forgotten about, and the “foreshadowing” is laughably on the nose (). I was also surprised about how much Fortnite played into the story.

If this movies goes on Netflix and you have nothing else to watch, it is entertaining enough, but I wouldn’t recommend actually paying to see it.

11 months ago


This movie gave me anxiety. Incredibly stressful to watch.

8 months ago


Barely coherent by-the-numbers action flick. The opening sequence seemed as though the film would be trying to make a broader social comment but it was lost in senseless violence, minimal dialogue, and a plot really didnt make much sense i.e. if this happened in real life, Russel Crowe's character would be killed in a stand off with police within an hour of the first call to police.

11 months ago

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