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I couldn't help myself from poking fun at every second of this film and yet I was still bored. I guess it just isn't my thing, since I've never been into Marvel, but the very premise felt ridiculously contrived to me.

6 years ago


After all the hype, including people getting the DVD/BD and saying how magnificent it was even on the Xth viewing (and respectable types, not just fanboys), I was thoroughly underwhelmed. It's not bad, but it's a little scrappy for nearly 100 minutes and then a pretty awesome climax kicks in and kind of obscures what went before.

Bright side: the action sequences/fights throughout are really well staged, and there are a couple of funny moments. One thing that might help, in my opinion (of course), would be to make it shorter and pacier, especially in the first half hour.

All that said, some of the people slagging it off here ("all glitter and no substance") are going a little too far, I think.

7 years ago


Damn. This movie is utterly crap.
Dumb hollywood action with bad acting and an even worse plot.

Clichéd and stupid.

5 years ago

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