Love Actually (2003)

Follows seemingly unrelated people as their lives begin to intertwine while they fall in – and out – of love. Affections languish and develop as Christmas draws near.


gets worse and worse with repeated viewings. on the surface its perfectly enjoyable but thats before i saw how pretentious, fake and unfunny it was

8 years ago


Pure crap in my opinion. All is so fake and dumb… I don't even understand how people can like it.

3 years ago


I certainly commend its ambition. It's one of those films with multiple intertwining stories, like Crash, Magnolia or Babel, but the subject here is love. Some have it, some want it, some are getting it, some losing it. Family, friendship, romance, empty adulation. All sorts. Curtis has assembled an improbably stellar cast (some would only become prominent stars later, I suppose) and is telling, what, 8 stories? Most of which could have been their own film. So yes, the film has scope. More poignant than funny, I did laugh in several places, but I also wanted more of the stories I found most engaging. There were so many, sometimes one was left idling for so long you wondered where it went. If I must name my favorites, I'll go with Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister of Britain in love with an assistant - it's the UK's own The American President. I'd also mention Liam Neeson as a father helping his young son catch the love of his life's eye. And you know, I could watch Bill Nighy or Emma Thompson do things all day long. The movie has me regretting every thread I'm NOT mentioning, so I suppose that's an endorsement. There are worse things than being left hungry for more.

4 years ago

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