I liked it. Part I is still my fave though!

6 years ago


That's more like it. Back to the Future does westerns and touches on the different clichés with spark and wit. This is really the Doc's story, and it combines with the other two films to create a nice comedic epic.

2 years ago


When I was a dumb kid, I somehow saw this before the second part but still enjoyed it nonetheless. And there it remained in my memories until "Back to the Future Day" (October 21, 2015) when I decided to trek down to my local theater and watch all three parts in one day. Over the years since my first viewing and today, I bought into the narrative that the concluding chapter in this excellent trilogy was the weakest of the three (half of my full theater left by the start of the third movie). Perhaps most people held great optimism about the future of 2015 and the vision that part two exhibited they too believed that part three is not as great as its predecessors. After marathoning all three parts in six hours, I find that although it fails to match the perfect status of the first, it is even more enjoyable that I remember it being. It is funnier, more energetic, even better acted than the second. You really get the sense that the cast and crew loved making this. Maybe since I watched this when I was young and didn't see part two until I was in college, I have a greater nostalgic enjoyment of this then the preceding.

For what it's worth, if you remember this being bad, re-watch it after the first two and find that it is better than you might recall and is a fairly satisfying to conclusion to one of the better film trilogies.

4 years ago

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