I fell of my chair laughing when I saw Edward Norton using Norton Anti-virus

8 years ago


I Remember seeing this in the cinema, but I can't remember anything in it at all.

8 years ago


Inevitably, I must compare it to Ang Lee's first Hulk film. You might think the cast is stronger (or at least as strong) with the inclusion of Edward Norton, but I found each character to be slightly miscast, even the new ones. Certainly, I miss Sam Elliot and Jennifer Connelly. In the case of Banner, it works for the first half hour, when he's on the run in Brazil (I quite like that part), but as soon as Betty's back in his life, I guess I don't buy the chemistry. And really, though effects have improved since the first Hulk film, this monster is just as CGI as the other one. I am glad they didn't do another origin story though, simply throwing it out there in the opening sequence, more Incredible Hulk the tv show than the comic. The direction is modern and dynamic, and the story, on the whole, better than Ang Lee's version (which went on for one act too many). So call me… ambivalent, but progressively more positive about, especially after viewing the 45 minutes of deleted scenes (which includes a lot of Doc Samson stuff).

2 years ago

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