For some reason, for their first CGI film, Disney decided to expand the fable of Chicken Little to feature length. For the first half hour it's set in a high school and seems to be pushing the message that the way to be popular and fit in is to succeed at sports. Then that story runs out and the rest of the film is about an alien invasion. This time there's a heavy-handed message that adults should be there for your kids. At least that's a message I can get behind, but it also inverses the message of the original fable, so that a warning against blind belief becomes the opposite. It's also filled with obnoxious characters, pop culture references and pop music. I wasn't surprised to see that this had 11 writers, and even after only ten years it already feels quite dated.

4 years ago


I love animated films but this was rubbish.

8 years ago


Little funny

8 years ago

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