Clara Bow

I'd rather stare at my own shit for two hours than watch this movie again.

9 years ago


See, for the bad reputation and the kinda comments this movie have had, I expected something much more awful. It's certainly no masterpiece, though, the target audience is fucking teenage girls, but if you think about it, there are literally hundreds of movies which can receive the same or worse critiques as Twilight that just don't call anybody's attention (aka 99% of romcoms and American TV).

I feel the lead's "bad acting" is just ok. That character isn't meant to have any personality, and, if she did, it is relatable to a lot of teenagers who are pretty much as "alienated" from a more mature pov. Yeah, it's rushed and awkward, but let's not act like movies where a trainwreck gets with a charming, millionaire, loving, sensible, interesting, always well-dressed, funny, and successful bodybuilder who can read a woman's mind portrayed by some Ryan Gosling aren't.

Jeez man, if nobody dissed on this movie, I'd probably have hated every minute of it, but u know what? Everybody's been incredibly hyperbolic about Twilight. I've watched romantic movies deemed as masterpieces that are more idiotic than this one. I don't see how it's the worst movie ever or else, and I think it even delivers in its own right. Seriously though, Chris Nolan flicks have shittier exposition dialogue, and I even read someone say the OST is bad?

Not saying the movie is a masterpiece, but come the fuck on.

4 years ago


Banal and predictable. A movie starring 19-year-olds as 17-year-olds with a script written by 15-year-olds for an audience of 13-year-olds. Utter tripe.

7 years ago

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