A little hokey at the start and end, Notting Hill does have, like so many other sweets disguised as romantic comedy films, a soft centre that you can sink your teeth into. The birthday party dinner scene is incredibly charming, as is Julia Roberts throughout. Not the best rom-com, but entertaining and uplifting.

8 years ago


As a fan of Richard Curtis' romcoms, I've seen Notting Hill more than once, but can't help being charmed by it every time, and this despite my natural aversion to pretty people decrying their unluckiness in love, which is tenfold in the case of Julia Roberts' mega movie star. But it's still an interesting point of view, brought to life by someone who's been through it, and contrasted by Hugh Grant's family and friends who are nominally ordinary people, but distinct and memorable characters all. Well scripted, well shot and well acted, and above all, funny!

a year ago

Miss Jitterbug

I consider this movie to be a classic. I find it very enjoyable and the cast was wonderful. Don't miss it :D

6 years ago

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