Lake of Fire (2006)

An unflinching look at the how the battle over abortion rights has played out in the United States over the last 15 years.


This film does not really cover both sides of the abortion debate, which is a shame. It could have been a very good documentary. Technically it is well-made.

Its main focus is on religious fanatics who kill abortion doctors and intimidate pregnant women who visit abortion clinics, it is quite one-sided as very few sane anti-abortionists are being interviewed. The other side is not well-represented either. It does, however, try to include some aspects from both sides, but as most documentaries of this kind, it exposes its true 'conviction' more and more towards the end.

The film is more of a criticism on the means by which religious fanatics are trying to stop abortion and it tries to convey a premature conclusion from these observations.

Some of the lines by the linguistics professor are spot on and thoroughly describe the issue at hand, except for his statement that anti-abortionist who do not help the starving children in Africa are not to be taken seriously. That's stupid. That's like saying every single person in the world is not to be taken seriously because there are always causes for which they are not fighting.

8 years ago

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