That war subplot seemed very unnecessary in this romantic comedy.

4 years ago


I wasn't really sure what to expect, having heard positive and negative, but mostly negative.

Personally, the film was way too cheesy. Better war films have been made and will continue to be made. Pearl Harbor will not be considered one of the better ones.

This could have been a great film, truly. However, they didn't play their cards right and turned it into a sappy love story. And unlike with Titanic, the history didn't equal out with the romance, or at least in my opinion. It was a classic typical romance film with historic underlines.

The script was far, far too cheesy and easily cringe-able at times. The acting was alright; I didn't care for Ben Afflect's character nor his acting. Josh Hartnett has delivered better performances but he wasn't bad in it, though he could have provided more emotion - his character was more enjoyable, but perhaps I'm partial being a Hartnett fan. Kate Beckinsale's character started out tolerable in the beginning but ended up being annoying at best. Alec Baldwin's was simply the worst ever written.

I had high hopes for cinematography for this film because there could have been so much done to make up for the storyline. It's a shame it wasn't further explored and paid attention to because some beautiful colors and shots could have been done.

I would say to watch it for the sake of knowing the film and being able to keep up with the list of films everyone has seen. It's not horrible but certainly not the best.


7 years ago


classic American hero story told by Hollywood, and directed by Michael Bay.. What could you expect??

8 years ago

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