Stunning and very clever.

Depp is seriously good, as always.



7 years ago


"Rango" is beautifully animated and features a fantastic voice performance from the always fantastic Johnny Depp, but falls short in many ways. Its story feels recycled from "Chinatown", and while it does have some noteworthy sight-gags and one-liners, most of the humour is divided squarely into jokes for kids and jokes for adults - disappointing considering the Gold standard for humour and double-entendre other animated comedies have set such as those by Pixar. The number of characters in "Rango" seems to continually grow without reason and with none given a real story with any real depth - including the eponymous hero. Ultimately, "Rango" is dry - which is rather fitting for its storyline, but boring for its viewers.

8 years ago


The best computer animated movie since the original Toy Story! Rango is a great film by any measure. Wonderful performances on all the characters, a gripping story that isn't afraid to get a little dark, and time given for the plot and characters to breathe without a crazy explosion or dance number every 10 seconds. Stunning animation, as well. It let me forget about the format and simply enjoy the film. Hats off to Nickelodeon and Gore Verbinski! Keep doing what you're doing. We need more of it (Dear Lord, do we ever need it).

7 years ago

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