25 years after Toy Story, Pixar has fully grown up and I couldn't be more thankful.

While surely someone will come to say you could elaborate on the themes of purpose and the meaning of life on a higher intellectual level (yeah sure you could), this hits the emotional notes so perfectly.
A vibrant, funny, creative, fantastic film, so beautiful and life-affirming, unlike any other animated film we have seen so far. The abstract world of souls and the beyond made me want to stay there forever.
Wonderful, wonderful.

4 weeks ago


Are the people at Pixar getting to that age where they want to talk about death? After Coco, comes Soul, which eschews any particular mythology to create its own metaphysical science fiction space to explore as a jazz musician dies on the day of his big break and is forced to team up with a soul that hasn't yet lived and doesn't see the point to get back to his body before it's too late. Good thing he's a teacher, right? Mentoring is a key component of the film, but its main theme is really the meaning of life, something both characters must discover. Obviously, the animation's gorgeous, and there's some interesting stuff with abstracted cosmic beings that look like modern art, but I'm perhaps most impressed with how unpredictable the story is, turning left every time you think you have a handle on what it IS. I think they tried to write it like jazz, finding it organically and letting sub-themes play out. Good music. Good voice acting. Interesting ideas. A lot of heart. It's Pixar, folks. Wadda ya want me to say?

3 weeks ago


I needed this.

4 weeks ago

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