As a Lovecraft fan that somehow hasn't read this particular source material, I absolutely loved every minute of it, even though I really should've gone to the bathroom before sitting down lol. My audience seemed to laugh at strange places, maybe I was too caught up in the moment. By the trippy end, I was so into it that I literally lost track of time and my own breathing, wondering what I had been doing the last couple of minutes. Really cool.

10 months ago


Decent schlocky B-movie horror, in the mold of Reanimator or The Beyond. Also takes a page from Annihilation/Stalker and a few other things.

The Cons:
- It's a little too long and at one or two points the plot comes to a complete stand still.
- You have to be in the right mindset to enjoy. A midnight screening at a rundown arthouse theater does nicely.''
- The plot is more or less negligible.

The Pros:
- It keeps oscillating between comedy and genuine horror and both work, even though the transitions are a little clunky.
- Spacey visuals. Take an edible and have a field day.
- Plenty practical gore effects.
- Nicholas Cage. Duh. He's spewing dead-pan one-liners every five minutes and the Alpaca milking scene is a work of art.

10 months ago


Saw this at TIFF. The vibe was different than what I was expecting, mostly for the first half of the film. It bounced between comedy, family drama, and horror in a way that just didn't work. The dialogue and pacing wasn't good. There were some good moments though, decent body horror, and Nicolas Cage yelled a lot, so that box was checked if you're looking for that. Overall it was okay, but not as good as Annihilation or Mandy.

a year ago

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