A strong, important story, is let down by a movie-of-the-week level of scriptwriting and a middling performance by Michael B. Jordan. Jamie Foxx and Brie Larson outshine Jordan in every scene, but much of the problem is the script ironically not injecting any real human mannerisms into the dialogue. Every sentence is very matter of fact: “I think this. We should do this.”

That said, the finale is a very emotional one that had me choked up and there are definitely some speeches that could be classics.

With some refinement, this could be an excellent movie, but, for me, it was just good.

3 stars out of 4

3 months ago


I liked this; it was a well executed procedural that plucked some emotional chords toward the third act. That doesn't happen often for me anymore.I appreciated the 1980's setting as well–even though that's because it's a biopic, not a creative choice. Usually these sorts of movies are placed in the Civil Rights period.

8 months ago

Kublai Khan

I also disagree with selcukgucer.
I thought this was extremely well executed. All the actors are in top form and the stirring optimistic speeches are stirring and optimistic. If anything the story was a little lacking. Just very straightforward with minimal twists and turns.

10 months ago

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