Hababam Sinifi Uyaniyor (1976)

a.k.a The Chaos Class Is Waking Up

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I say bullshit. I watched one of those comedic "masterpieces", and it was exactly like a series of movies made in Germany around the same time (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063254/reference), only those are rightly regarded as crappy movies. Turkish voters should face the truth - these movies are atrocious.

6 years ago


Some background

"You're probably wondering why this movies is as popular as it is.One reason is the cast.Many of them go on to become cinema icons in Turkey.Non turks would probably scratch their heads and wonder what the joke is, but there probably isn't a single Turk who doesn't find this movie funny, also you wont find a Turk who hasn't watched it at least twenty or more times,there are not many comedy movies that this can be said about.Start whistling the theme music and every Turk would know which movie it is from.It is a movie much loved and well deserved of its accolades.This movie was a career launching pad for many actors including Kemal Sunal(regarded as a comedy legend),Tarik Akan(back in the 70's regarded as Turkeys answer to John Travolta),Sener Sen(a true comedy pioneer)and many others.There aren't many movies that evoke such a sense of nostalgia as this .Do yourself a favor and watch this movie, you might get a laugh or two."

8 years ago


Maybe we can remove the Comedy tag, since it's not funny. However, maybe I can watch this for the 1970s Challenge. Because it would in fact be a challenge.

7 years ago

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