Ford v Ferrari, as a title, sounds like a damn ad for a car manufacturer, which is why I prefer the European title, Le Mans '66, even if it only tells part of the story. It's thus a pleasant surprise that the film is anti-corporate, baldly stating that the corporate environment is a toxic dick-measuring context anathema to creativity. But what about the other metaphorical dick-measuring contest that is car racing? For our protagonists, there's a purity there that makes them proper heroes, but the two worlds are constantly compared in terms of competition, streamlining, and ethics. I don't drive and can't easily tell one car from the next, but for some reason, I have an affinity for car racing movies. While FvF doesn't come up to the level of my favorite, Grand Prix, it's a strong entry in the genre, less for the racing sequences (which are good, don't get me wrong), than for the characters' chemistry. I love the dynamic between Matt Damon and Christian Bale, of course, but also between Bale and Tracy Letts. There's a lot of humor and poignancy to be had from both, and that's really where the movie lives.

a month ago


A tad long but not disturbing at all. A joy to watch. Nice story of a workingman driver. Also was nice to see some sprinkle of business world hypocrisy.

a month ago


I’ve watched the premiere at the Zürich Film Festival, the ensemble cast performs exceptionally and the chemistry is vivid between them. The cinematography and the sound mixing phenomenal but the cutting takes the cake! Definitely recommend to check it out once it’s released.

3 months ago

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