The corporate interference angle of the film is way overdone; a problem that is only exacerbated when you learn that it's almost entirely fictitious. It's clear that Mangold needed an antagonist more involved in the story than Enzo, and the answer is the portrayal of Leo Beebe, a character so hilariously machiavellian that he may as well be wearing a monocle. It's about the level of subtlety you can expect from a film which has such little faith in its audience that it has a character repeatedly exclaim "That means he needs to lap him twice!" during the climax of a race, as if looking directly into the camera and making sure everyone is on the same page.

It's not a bad movie (although that's down to the performances moreso than the script), but it desperately needed a bit more restraint and nuance.

a year ago


I’ve watched the premiere at the Zürich Film Festival, the ensemble cast performs exceptionally and the chemistry is vivid between them. The cinematography and the sound mixing phenomenal but the cutting takes the cake! Definitely recommend to check it out once it’s released.

a year ago


A tad long but not disturbing at all. A joy to watch. Nice story of a workingman driver. Also was nice to see some sprinkle of business world hypocrisy.

a year ago

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