Les Mistons (best translation: The Brats) is an early Truffaut short, a memory built on pre-teen nostalgia, narrated in Wonder Years style, about how the narrator and his friends, as boys, hounded a pretty, older girl, approaching but never really grasping their own sexual awakening through her. Early or not, the piece is visually interesting, and features the same kind of emotional complexity he'll become famous for. The language is beautiful too, even if it loses something in translation (at least, in the English subtitles). The narrator obviously writes about Bernadette through the fog of memory, and the camera follows his lead, at times finding sensually-charged angles, the impressions she would have left on his young mind, and if this is definitely a story with a beginning, middle and end, it feels unresolved, as any thought about one's childhood might be, except in the processing and telling of it.

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