What a shallow movie. Absolutely nothing was believable, and they waste the first 1 hour to build up absolutely no proper characters. Every character feels super rushed and pointless. All the action is shaky cam and most of the deaths are totally uneventful… Also the two main characters don't even mention the fact that he tried to help the others kill her? There are so many stupid and nonsensical moments.

Junk movie made for young teenage girls who enjoy trash movies regularly…

7 years ago


Not really a good movie, barely OK. Tries to be Battle Royale and fails, tries to look like Malick and fails, presents itself like The Fifth Element but lacks the overall tension and craziness. I expected it to be a social commentary but it didn't even try. A stylish yet bland movie if that's even possible. Donald Sutherland is the only best part of the movie and Jennifer Lawrence is charismatic enough despite the lackluster movie.

8 years ago


Didn't like it. Flat acting and flat story with a stupid ending. It was dull.

8 years ago

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