Everything about this movie could have been better. It's not terrible, but it's far from being any good. Boring and uninspired.

8 years ago


Absolute rubbish. Boring and never-ending fight scenes, a complete lack of humour or self-awareness, a barrage of incoherent flashbacks as a substitute for a narrative, annoying and meaningless supporting characters that for some reason get their own storylines, some of the stupidest character decisions since Prometheus, and cringeworthy dialogue and exposition. The only redeeming features were the impressive special effects and Michael Shannon, but a good movie they alone do not make.

Origin stories are rarely great, especially when everybody already knows what's going to happen, and let's face it, Superman is kind of dull compared to today's other superheroes, but this movie just felt absurdly lazy and disjointed given the budget. They try to make some kind of tortured hero out of Superman, no doubt in the mould of Nolan's oh-so-successful Dark Knight trilogy, but it just doesn't work for the character, and the result is that the movie loses all its sense of joy, fun, and individuality, whilst still failing to capture any of the brooding menace and dark tone of Nolan's Batman movies. Oh and don't get me started on the shameless product placement that would give Michael Bay a run for his money.

I know everyone loves superhero movies at the moment, but I really can't fathom how this is currently sitting with a 7.6 on IMDb with such glowing audience reviews.

8 years ago

Admiral Softy

Choisai said it. It's now just abundantly clear that America hates and fears its cities. We must now celebrate their utter destruction in every single blockbuster on a yearly basis.

These superhero movies are starting to feel less heroic when we have to see major metropolitan areas obliterated and millions of people killed. And for gods sake, those poor clean up crews in New York/Gotham/Metropolis must never get a break.

8 years ago

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