The thing I love about the Paramount Marvel movies is that they manage to be fun and colourful and true to the comics, while still being grounded in reality on some level. Is this the Dark Knight? No. If it was, it wouldn't be Captain America, nor would it fit into this incredible "Avenger" universe they've created. Seriously—the fact that they managed to tie all of these movies together so well is nothing short of an incredible feat. It's how superhero movies were always meant to be done.

If you didn't atleast enjoy the ride, you probably weren't meant to see it anyway.

7 years ago


I was expecting Captain America and Bucky, but I wasn't expecting the Howling Commandos and the Human Torch android. I was expecting the Red Skull, but not Arnim Zola and Hydra. I certainly wasn't expecting a visual reference to the Cosmic Cube or a musical number. Not only is Cap a good superhero movie, but a war picture as well, and its got those extra layers for the knowledgeable comic book geek too. I was reminded throughout of how good the G.I. Joe movie might have been, because this is basically that, isn't it? A good G.I. Joe movie. And it's almost disappointing to leave World War II behind for Avengers and any possible sequel, because it really gave Captain America its own identity (which I believe is where the Marvel movies' success lies - Cap as Weird War II movie, Thor as fantasy, etc.). That, and it means we lose Tommy Lee Jones' Colonel Phillips!

3 years ago


Starts out pretty good, but falls flat in the second half. Ok

5 years ago

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