I love both this and the first one, cool premise and both scary and hilarious.
Jessica Rothe is so fantastic in these, really amazing. so funny.
I do hope they make a third one!

a year ago


I really liked Happy Death Day, and while the sequel, Happy Death Day 2U, wasn't quite as focused, I liked it too. The first movie was a slasher flick with a Groundhog Day premise. The protagonist, Tree, relived the day of her murder until she solved and stopped it. Coming back to that day is a risky enterprise, but 2U puts the slasher element in the background and turns to science fiction to feed the second act. I don't want to say too much about the plot because a lot of the fun comes from the various surprises. I can say that Tree's character arc from the first film only seemed complete, but it's much harder to let go of the past than we were led to believe, and the emotional climax is so poignant, the plot's climax feels positively tacked on (but wait, after the animated part of the credits, there's an epilogue that either sets us up for a very different threequel, or else takes the piss - quite possible since it has fun mocking time travel tropes throughout). 2U switches gears a couple times like that, which keeps things interesting, if not completely cohesive.

2 years ago


WARNING: WATCH THE FIRST ONE FIRST! If you are interested. This one spoils the first one very early on.

2 years ago

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