I wouldve loved this movie if i hadnt already seen the original. It is almost shot for shot, line for line, the same as the original. Next to nothing new was added. Again, by itself its a damn good movie. But the entire time i just kept thinking "why was this movie even made? why not just watch the superior original over again?"

a month ago


They sang "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" at what looked like 3 in the afternoon. Broad daylight. That shows the level of care and attention they put into making this movie.

4 weeks ago


I almost don't mind the fact this is almost a shot for shot remake, because I love the original. Any excuse to re-watch The Lion King is fine by me!

Then the animals started talking, and there was no emotion to them at all. Zazu is basically just like watching a real bird with John Oliver's voice over the top.

Looks amazing and the cast was great though.

4 weeks ago

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