Jaw dropping, stunning animation with a simple but sweet story about family.

2 years ago


Mamoru Hosoda's Miraï is a piece of anime truthfulness about a young family, and in particular a young boy having to come to terms with a new baby coming into the household. Young parents, or those who have had the opportunity to otherwise interact with small children, will immediately relate to the chaos the film reproduces. It can be rather noisy and screamy at times, but is punctuated with moments of tenderness, beauty and reward, just like parenting. Hosada creates a detailed world just inside that one house, but when the young Kun goes into the yard to play, his family tree (so to speak) creates garden fantasies of different kinds, each one allowing Kun to grow and understand his place not as the new reject of the family (a child's polarity imposes that if he's not the favorite anymore, he has to be hated), not just as the member of a unit, but as part of a continuum. The anime has a chance to shine in the fantasy portions, but I dare say it glitters even more in the simple human moments inside that incredible house. A very sweet film that doesn't hide the difficulties of managing children, with a couple of nice belly laughs along the way.

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Absolutely beautiful film.

2 years ago

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