"Thats basically true about 99.99% of all movies before the ww2"

Do you mean WW1? Because if that's what you meant, I'd probably agree with you - most movies made before 1914 or so were mostly very short and were simply experimenting with the new invention by using simple camera tricks or by documenting everyday life. Though such details can be fascinating to watch nowadays, they offer only the barest of artistic pleasures (though people like Melies were doing some awfully creative stuff.)

If you meant WW2 - as in "99.99% of movies made before 1939 offer nothing" (as opposed to movies made since 1939) - well, I'd say you're crazy. The 1920s and early sound era were some of the most creative and artistically rewarding in all of the history of film. There was a lot of crap made, yes, but that's also very true of the current era.

7 years ago


CrumbThumber - I asked myself the same question. I realize that different people will have different criteria for "disliking" something - but this is a very, very short film, and it contains absolutely nothing offensive. It's also very easy to find with a quick Google search, so it's not like anyone should have had to expend a lot of energy or time to find it (thus feeling disappointed when they get around to watching what is, in fact, a very simple film.) And, since it's so short, it never feels tedious or chore-like like some "history lessons." The mere fact that you're watching an iconic piece of film history should be enough to at least prevent someone from disliking it.

7 years ago

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