This odd thriller sits uncomfortably next to the great Hitchcock thrillers of two years previous and two years after (Rear Window and Vertigo respectively), given it shares a lot with both- lovely camera work, Jimmy Stewart in the lead, and another fantastic Bernard Hermann score- perhaps one of the best. It's a shame the plot is so weak by comparison, or that we have to watch Doris Day singing all of "Que Sera Sera" twice. The Albert Hall sequence is famous, but oddly pedestrian… we wait, like the gunman, for the moment to arrive and thoughts begin to creep in…

Why do we care about this rotund foreign prime minister? How in earth is the gunman going to accurately hit his target from that distance with a tiny handgun? There must be easier ways to assassinate someone than with 5000 potential witnesses. A cymbal crash won't actually be louder than a bullet will it? Is Doris just going to stand there crying for the entire sequence?

After that it all gets sillier, the finale baffingly prosaic followed by a misjudged coda. For all that there's a lot to enjoy- Hitch is still in full control but the material seriously lets him down

7 years ago


It surprises me when I enjoy a movie so much, but then I find out it has kind of a bad rep.
I thought it was masterfully done from beginning to the end, every actor and acress were perfect and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. I had a great time and I'm going to watch it again someday soon. I don't know what else to say other than GO WATCH IT, especially if you're Hitchcock's or Jimmy's fan obviously.
By the way, the ending was funny, I loved it.

7 years ago


Fails to capture the magic of other Hitchcock films (excluding his four giant masterpieces) For eg: The 39 Steps does a much better job at its story than this does of it. However, Stewart's performance is fantastic and the usual level of Hitchcock suspense, though not fully built, is enough to make this a decent but somewhat forgettable film even if the song isn't!

7 years ago

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