Stella Dallas (1937)

After divorcing a society man, a small-town woman tries to build a better life for their daughter.


Fantasic performance from Stanwyck. A very interesting plot. If you are a fan of Stanwyck then you are guaranteed to appreciate this movie.

8 years ago


In no capacity is Stella Dallas a villain. I'm not even sure why her character was nominated for the 100 villains list. Everything she does after she gives birth to Laurel is in service to her. Just because she has her own style and likes to have a laugh doesn't make her an antagonist. it makes the society look snobbish. But the snobbery is never acknowledged

a year ago


Not suggested the point should be laboured, however the subtleties of behaviour, knowledge and actions of the lead can flummox viewers.

After watching it twice, years apart, I didn't feel it was that clear about Stella's actions. You have an idea but I felt it wasn't that clear (aware some folks can feed you the information it make it too babyfed, but I felt this cut it too fine)

11 months ago

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