Pure popcorn action/horror. Was expecting a silly Nazi-sploitation horror flick in the same vein as 2013's "Frankenstein's Army" or 2009's "Dead Snow"… you know, lots of splatter, but not much story. It ended up being more of a war-time thriller, with the horror aspects mostly contained in the second half. Lots of spectacle, just don't go in expecting any kind of historical accuracy or anything intellectually challenging.

6 months ago


Hehe, a pretty fun and exciting war movie halfway through, then a yes, don't want spoil, but you are on the right track probably …expect no "Dead snow" (Norway's bloodiest zombie horror movie) though!



There was something special about From Dusk Til Dawn in its day, that people flocked to see the new Tarantino-scripted crime film, and halfway through it turned into a WTF vampire movie. Some loved the surprised, I'm sure some didn't, but it was a surprise. These days, you really have to play it close to the vest for word not to get out. And then there are those films that don't care to keep it a secret so as to attract the right audience, I guess. Such a film is Overlord, on the surface a World War II film that doesn't care much about historical fact, which turns into a horror monster movie at the midpoint thanks to terrible Nazi experiments. With the twist known, Overlord should have tried to surprise us in other ways, but doesn't. It's all quite formulaic, every beat predictable, and the only surprises are that certain things seem telegraphed but DON'T happen (giving the lead a certain heritage should have been more important, for example). Which isn't to say it's badly made, quite the opposite. The characters are engaging, the action well produced and exciting, there's never a dull moment, and the cast well chosen given the spirit of the piece. But there are no real surprises and the humor, which you'd expect with a crazy premise like this, is scarce.

6 months ago

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