The Jazz Singer (1927)

A young Jewish man is torn between tradition and individuality when his old-fashioned family objects to his career as a jazz singer. This is the first full length feature film to use synchronized sound, and is the original film musical.


This is a very poorly made film. I also think it's responsible for causing the shift to sound before the technology was really ready, certainly most early talkies are quite clumsy, especially compared to the cinematically rich silents. In any case, the hybrid sound/silent thing here was arbitrary and the casual use of black face isn't doing this any favors.

9 years ago


I think I'm 85 years too late to appreciate this film. Then again, maybe it was dull in the first place.

9 years ago


Really interesting 1/2 silent, 1/2 talkie film. More an educational experience than an entertaining movie.

9 years ago

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