Queen Christina (1933)

Queen Christina of Sweden is a popular monarch who is loyal to her country. However, when she falls in love with a Spanish envoy, she must choose between the throne and the man she loves.


A fantastic film that has many things going for it. Garbo's face is so enchanting . . . It's something beyond superficial beauty though . . . Her whole performance is enthralling - bewitching face and all. Highly recommended.

7 years ago


Surprisingly enjoyable. And I doubt real Queen Christina wore lipstick back then, so if you just buy into the convention it shouldn't really worry you that much.

8 years ago

Public Enemy

While watchable, I found it rather unbelievable that they couldn't figure out that the "man" wearing lipstick and with the woman's hairstyle wasn't a woman. At first I thought they were calling her sir because of her being who she was.

9 years ago

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