This is an extraordinary film and may arguably represent silent cinema at its peak. The power of the close-up, the human face, and the expressionistic style. It changes you to watch The Passion of Joan of Arc. You emerge from the experience as a changed person, having taken the journey of Joan's final days with the mesmerizing Maria Falconetti, a performance for all time. I loved the score by Richard Einhorn, "Voices of Light." The film is deeply spiritual and a true masterpiece of the art form. In comparison to the wave of current religion projects on film and television, they just retell familiar stories; this is transcendent, a completely religious experience. Very highly recommended.

4 years ago


Saw this for the second time tonight - this time with a live orchestra - and it confirms for me that it is without question one of the best films ever made. I don't understand how anyone could think the acting is anything other than sublime - Falconetti puts in a performance fifty years ahead of her time. Compare with any other screen performance of the 20s, all that quaint theatrical mugging and melodrama (Sunrise? Oh please!), and she blows absolutely everyone out of the water. It's practically a modern performance, utterly committed and deeply felt. Dreyer's direction is also mind-blowingly modern for 1928. It's hard to believe this was made when cinema was still in its infancy. Breathtaking.

7 years ago


INCREDIBLE. Engaging and emotionally draining from start to finish. Falconetti's crying face will forever be ingrained into my mind.

7 years ago

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