Dark and dense movie. Amazing cinematography and soundtrack!

5 years ago


It's beautiful & has fantastic music, but I also found it completely incomprehensible. Several viewings required, I suspect.

7 years ago


It is like watching a play. Several acts, one act ends, the other begins. At the start of every act there is this small description. Allthough the storyline is not always that good to follow.

What i did like was the music…i suppose you could call it Gregorian for a part…it fits the movie.

Beside music and storyline, lots and lots of great shots in black and white.

This all together makes it a very watchable movie.

One tip though. Find a good copy to download…the Youtube link is nice, but in full-screen tends to be a bit less sharp.

There are some good downloads available: copy past this in your torrent searchwindow:


7 years ago

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