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I question anyone who says that 300 has a great story and their understanding of the word.

4 years ago


A bunch of greased up half-naked and very buff guys battling it out in slo-mo. Tom of Finland would have loved this!

3 years ago


Based on the Frank Miller comic. Looks good, if at times painterly. And certainly well made, dripping with pure macho essence. If I had a problem with it, it's the voices. The accents are mish-mashed and David Wenham's voiceover sounds like it's coming out of a much older man. Distracting. Still, it's a great, iconic story, at once fun and tragic. The idea that this was a war between reason and superstition is historical fallacy, but makes for a great theme.

2 years ago


A bit too much testosteron for my liking but my god, what an incredible movie. Fantastic tale, visually absolutely stunning and great acting from everyone.

It’s one of those epic movies that you have to see at the very least once in your life. Great one.

4 years ago


Good movie! Really appealing, distinctive visual style, nice colors, lots of action and fights, lots of ripped men :)

Liked Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender. An unusual movie that was worth watching, although I did not expect it.

5 years ago


The story is true but, of course, it was embellished. The biggest lie was that the Spartans survived... Xerxes used the alternative path and slayed all the Spartans.
PS: Martial Arts? Really???

5 years ago

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